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About Bose Construction

Bose Construction is active in industrial, commercial, institutional and residential construction.

Bose Construction has been building industrial and commercial projects in the US and around the globe since 1997. As one of the Central Virginia area’s premier industrial contractors, Bose Construction has been a pioneer in providing energy efficient industrial and commercial facilities as well as residential buildings. For example, we were the first to introduce the E-Star energy rated steel built homes to the Richmond area, a comprehensive system of quality energy efficient features that improve insulation and comfort while reducing costs for heating and cooling of your home.

As a private company built by its dedicated employees, Bose Construction focuses on the quality put into each project and the care given to each of our client. Bose Construction is a unique builder because it provides a building standard that exceeds the national builders but maintains a local community presence.

Bose Construction is successful because it has the flexibility to make changes efficiently to accommodate the buyer and expedite deadlines. If a customer wishes to make changes to their new home, Bose Construction will respond to the specific change request promptly, often without a complicated redesign or unreasonable delay in the delivery of the new home. As a conscientious builder in Central Virginia, Bose Construction is constantly striving to improve their products and services.

Bose Construction has three predominant goals for the upcoming year: increase energy efficiency in customer’s homes by constantly upgrading and improving their E-Star standard, continue to develop innovative product lines effectively providing buyers with their first, second, third, or retirement homes, and remain a solid member of the community while growing to other areas of Virginia and the United States.

Bose Construction is a dedicated contractor that provides the customer with a quality built, energy efficient facility, that is specifically designed to fit their present and future requirements.

Bose Construction is not a BBB Accredited business, however you will find their honest review of us here: Bose Construction’s Business Review at BBB